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Members of the lab

  • Moira Meehan (MS student: multimodal cues to reduce window collisions by birds)

  • Lizzy Elliott (MS student: characterizing adult-embryo vibrational communication in zebra finches)

  • Joey DiLiberto (MS student: the effects of sublethal lead exposure on the behavior of house sparrows)

  • Sarah Weber (Senior: how do birds hear their world?)

  • Grace Dho (Junior: new models for sustainable aquaculture and ecological restoration in the Lynnhaven River)

  • Bella Ortiz-Miller (Junior: developing an app to reduce bird-window collisions)

  • Sophie Pittaluga (Junior: the importance of gender equity in conservation)

  • Maddie Schuyler (Junior: the effects of sound and vibration on pest invertebrate species)

  • Anjie Su (Junior: the effects of ambient noise on antipredatory tactics in birds)

  • Blythe Brewster (Sophomore: effects of sound and vibration on plant physiology and performance)

  • Alex Ferentinos (Sophomore: driving human behavior change to improve health of ocean ecosystems)

  • Anna Lowe (Sophomore: Exploring mechanisms for direct funding of conservation projects for indigenous peoples and local communities)

  • Munachi Udenyi (Sophomore: how noise pollution penetrates bodies of water)

Prospective graduate students and current undergraduates, if you are interested in collaborating please reach out to introduce yourself and your interests. Email me at 

I am particularly interested in mentoring students who want to explore aspects of applied conservation--helping to address real-world conservation issues--through the Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC). If you are interested in learning more about the IIC, please watch this introductory video

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